26 September 2007

Redux - More Shoes

My favorite place to buy shoes is Payless, primarily because they fit my feet (wide width) and my budget. I have no problem buying shoes at a thrift store, but finding shoes to fit my feet there is hard.

Anyway, I bought this pair of platform sandals this spring. I wore them a couple of times and loved them. Then, while walking into the office one day, I noticed that the left shoe was rubbing my foot. On closer look, I discovered this:

See how the brown plastic ring has broken off - I have no idea when this happened, but it made them very painful to wear.


When I limped into my apartment that evening, I took them off and realized that either I find the missing piece and try gluing it back on, or I'd have to remake them somehow. I could not wear them again that way.

And so they sat for most of the summer. I was so upset that they weren't wearable, and since I had worn them several times AND thrown away the receipt, I didn't think I could take them back. I probably should have tried, but I didn't.

Last week, a similar pair of shoes finally bit the dust. They were no longer wearable, and I needed this pair available. So this past weekend, I decided to do something, anything to get them back in my closet.

After carefully examining them, I realized that the plastic ring was really just decoration - it was not needed to hold the pieces together. So taking out my trusty hammer and a scrap piece of wood, I removed the offending plastic ring. I will add that I tried using a pair of pliers to snap the ring first, but it would not break. I wouldn't even chip off. I have no idea why the ring broke in the first place, but I needed the hammer and several hard whacks to break them off.

And now, the shoes look like this:

And note that not all clothing remakes make use of sewing supplies. My tool of choice here was a hammer!

And here is a detail of the left shoe:

There is a hole through there that I can put something else - I've thought about wrapping a piece of ribbon and gluing it in place. Right now I'm not sure what I'm going to do, if anything. While I give it some more thought, however, I do have these shoes available to wear for the next few weeks (when it will hopefully cool off enough to put away open toed shoes for awhile.

What else am I up to? I have a few new items to list on Etsy over the next few days, and I'm hoping to begin remaking clothes to list there as well. I love making the jewelry, but it is not selling. There are so many people on Etsy selling such wonderful jewelry, I can't compete. Hopefully, with the clothing, I can get more people looking at my shop. I may even put together outfits of clothes and accessories and sale for a reduced price. We'll see.

I'm also in the middle of helping with the costumes for the Germantown Community Theatre's production of The Importance of Being Ernest. The show opens the first weekend in October, so this week and next are rather busy getting everything together. I've only done some alterations, but it has been fun - and I'm becoming quite a pro at shortening sleeves! GCT does productions all year, so they should be able to keep me rather busy, which is exciting and wonderful experience to put on my resume.