29 October 2008

Moo Cards!

Look what came in the mail yesterday:

My Moo cards!! They are so cute - now I understand what the fuss is all about.

These lovelies were free from Moo and Flickr when I upgraded to a Flickr Pro account. That was over a month ago, and honestly, I was beginning to think they were lost in the mail somewhere between London and Memphis. I was disappointed not to have them, but since they were free, I wasn't out any money.

And then they arrived - and I am so very happy they did. Now I have to decide how to use them. There are only ten, and since I am not selling much right now, I don't have the funds to buy more. So for now, I'll wait for the right time to hand them out.


08 October 2008

Inspiration - Autumn Leaves

I found this leaf while on a cardio walk last week. I had started my cool down, and was going to slow enough that I caught sight of it (because I had walked past the same place three times already!). I had to stop and pick it up - the colors and the shape caught my eye. And while I hate the fact that the days are getting shorter, I celebrate the cooler temperatures which mean I can begin to pull different clothes out to wear. Almost like having a new(ish) wardrobe.

Later that day I pulled out some of the upholstery samples in darker colors, and planned out some new clutches and wristlets to make. I'm inspired to create new looks for the new season.

Where has everyone else been finding inspiration lately?