10 July 2008

Ice Blended Coffee

Yesterday morning I sat on my back patio to do some work. I had my patio umbrella up, so I was in the shade, but it was in the mid-80s with 75% humidity. And I was drinking my morning coffee. Yes, as hot as I was, I was drinking hot coffee. When I went inside for another cup, I decided to put it in a glass over ice and drink it cold.

Then I thought again - why not put that in the blender and make an iced coffee? So I did.

Oh my!!!!! That was just what I needed!! It was so good, I didn't drink any of my coffee hot this morning - I let it cool awhile, then blended it with ice and flavored creamer.


Not only did I use the coffee yesterday morning rather than throwing it out, I also saved several dollars over purchasing a similar item. Always a good thing in my world!

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