06 December 2007

Hey - I Could Do That!!

Tuesday evening I took my son to buy the DVD for the third Pirates of the Caribbeanmovie. We are big fans of this movie series, and now own all three DVDs, and as with most DVDs I watch, I always look through the special features to see what bits of knowledge I can pick up.

There is a special feature on Penny Rose, the costume designer, and the coat for Captain Teague (played by Keith Richards). She starts out showing the first version created - it was blue and reused the embroidery from church altarcloths!! However, the director didn't like the color, so they had to find something else.

The red one seen in the movie is made from curtains that were found in a Paris flea market! Oh, how I love that!! I cannot even begin to imagine what the costume budget was for this movie, yet she finds the fabric she needs in a flea market.

There were a couple of other fun details - they needed three versions of the coat - one for Richards, one for the photo double and one for the stunt man. Somehow they found enough fabric for all three. They also had to dye the fabric to get the right color, since the original red was too orange.

This is what I want to do - this is how I want to design costumes and wardrobes. Reuse as much as possible, to keep perfectly good fabrics from being thrown away and necessitating the creation of new ones. I know it won't work all the time (it may not even work MOST of the time), but having it as a starting place will hopefully keep me looking in the right direction.

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