13 December 2007

Hey - I Could Do That #2

And not only could I do it, I would have loved to have done it!! Done what? Last night's challenge on Project Runway. The designers were given a model, who were (in the shows terminology) "everyday women". They weren't tall, thin and barely in their 20s. But there was another twist - all of the women had lost of significant amount of weight!!! Good for them!! They were also wearing what was their favorite garment before their weight loss, and the design challenge was to use that outfit to make them a new one, that fit their personality and new body.

OH MY!!! I would so love to have done that challenge. First, I lost about 70 pounds a few years ago, so I know what is involved in getting it off, keeping it off, and also, how you have to readjust to the new body you see in the mirror. Second, I love to remake clothes. Not only does it keep perfectly good fabrics out of the landfills, it allows me (and anyone I remake things for) to keep their favorite garments around, just in a different form. Plus, it saves money! The only way I could keep myself clothed as I lost weight was to alter and remake as many things as possible. Some things that were in very good shape I didn't bother - I donated them to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy. But many of my clothes are the remade variety.

It was interesting to watch the various designers react to having non-traditional sized models (although get real - this is the majority of people out in the real world!!!) and also to having to use fabrics that were not of their choosing. Some succeeded brilliantly - I was very impressed with some of the outfits - while others never seemed to overcome the limitations they felt they had.

Whatever the designers may have felt about this challenge, I loved seeing what I do presented in a positive light. You CAN remade clothes and reuse fabrics, and still turning out stunning designs that can be work by everyday women!

Now, if I could just get someone to hire me to redesign their wardrobe---------

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