16 December 2007

Etsy In The News

In the magazine section of today's New York Times is an article about Etsy and the DIY craft resurgence. Titled Handmade 2.0, it is an excellent look into the beginnings of Etsy, and some of the ideals behind it.

As someone who sells on Etsy, I love seeing this kind of publicity for the site. It isn't just a cheery article about how great Etsy is; it also mentions some of the issues that the site, and the sellers, must deal with.

While I haven't sold much through Etsy, I have found it to be a wonderful place to list. I made a classic rookie mistake when I began listing - I expected buyers to just find me. Stupid, I know. However, I am learning and looking at ways to drive traffic to my Etsy shop myself - anyone that finds me through Etsy is a bonus sale!

Please read the article here. If you like it, please email the story to a friend through the NY Times web site, to help get the article listed in the Times Top 10 emailed articles. These appear in a box to the right side of each page, and I cannot tell you how often I look through there to see what is popular. A great way to support Etsy and all indie crafters working for themselves!

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