14 November 2007

'Tis the Season!

Yes, the holidays are upon us! For those in the US, Thanksgiving is next Thursday! Already?!? Well, there are five Thursdays this November, and since Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday, it is coming early this year.

In that light, I've begun listing a few Christmas items in the Redux Designs Etsy shop. I don't have many items specifically for Christmas, but what I have, I'm putting up this week and next.

Today, I listed this bracelet:

Years ago, my mom found a necklace at a garage sale, and for some reason, gave it to me. It was made up of gold, red, and green beads, along with various Christmas charms. It was, to be honest, not my style at all! However, there was plenty of raw material waiting to be re-created into some wonderful things.

I first made a bracelet for myself (hey, I need to test out the design and my skills!), then I've taken some more of the beads and charms and made a couple of other bracelets. The one above, is the first one I've listed on Etsy. The beads are green and gold colored; the charms are gold colored and everything, except the jump rings and lobster claw clasp are reused from the necklace.

I listed this bracelet and another one last year, but they got very few views. Maybe they got lost in the Etsy shuffle. Here's hoping this year will be better. I also have a few holiday things I've crocheted, so I'll add them soon. Please keep checking back for updates.

Happy Holidays!

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