18 November 2007

It's Back........

Project Runway began Season Four last Wednesday!!! YES!!!!! I don't watch many of the reality TV shows, but I've been a fan of Project Runway since it began (well, I think I finally found it about the 3rd episode of Season One).

I've even thought about auditioning for it, but have finally realized that I do NOT work well under the conditions that are imposed on the designers. I have a strong belief in what I do, in my vision, and I like to think I am open to constructive criticism. However, I am not a competitive person, and I don't like to be attacked for what I believe in.

And while this season's designers said to be the most talented group yet, I am cautious in my enthusiasm of the show. I really liked the idea that someone unknown, and truly struggling to get their design business off the ground would have a chance at being seen. This season, it appears that the designers already have successful businesses and are using the show to be MORE successful, not to get a start.

I guess what it boils down to is - I wouldn't have a chance of being selected if I auditioned. So perhaps it is more sour grapes from me than anything else.

Still, I eagerly look forward to what this season will show. I LOVE the scenes that show the designers actually working as designers - selecting fabric, trying to figure out how to drape, or sew something together. And, when things go wrong, how they sort it out and try to make it work. Stuff I also deal with in my design business. In fact, I wish MORE of this was shown!

For those unfamiliar with the show, it will be on Bravo on Wednesday evenings. Check local listings for time as it varies depending on time zone, and episodes are repeated frequently. And if you are new to the show, the previous seasons are not out on DVD.

Carry on!!

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