12 October 2007

A Wild and Crazy Week---

well, more busy than wild and crazy, but the result is I haven't done much of anything on all the projects I have lying around. After spending Sunday afternoon sorting through everything, seeing what's been done, what needs to be done, what materials I have on hand to work with, I haven't gotten much more done. I did get some photographs, and have edited most of them, so I'm almost ready to list some non-jewelry items on Etsy. But I need a few more pictures and the time to get it listed. Hopefully this weekend I can get everything together so I can list them next week.

There is good news - I sold another item on Etsy------and it was to someone in Memphis!! That is really fun to sell locally, plus I delivered it to her and got to meet one of my customers. Really nice! Funny thing is, the item had expired, so I quickly renewed it earlier in the week - just to keep things active. Well, it sold! I guess it does work to keep listing things, even if they aren't selling. The irony is I had always loved this particular item, and kept debating whether to remove it and wear it myself. It has been listed for quite a while, and I was about to decide that I'm the only person who likes my work! Well, someone else does as well, so that's great confidence booster for me. I keep telling myself it is all about finding the right market - so I'll keep working at it!

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