14 October 2007

Wardrobe Remix

I finally joined the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr earlier this year - and so far I've posted a grand total of three pictures! I think this is an awesome group, and I often look through the most recent photos to get overall inspiration to mix things up in how I wear them. I believe I'm trying some things I wouldn't otherwise, so why am I not posting more photos? The photos I've posted have gotten 60-70 views each (more than all my Redux Design photos combined!) What can I change to be more active??

First, I have a hard time getting a good head-to-toe photo of my outfit each day. The three I've gotten took me nearly 30 minutes to get one I liked - although I know that if I worked on it more consistently, I would get quicker.

Second, hooking up my camera to my computer, uploading the photo, editing and posting it was taking more time than I had. However, now that I have a laptop with Wi-Fi connection, it is much easier to do. I can lay in bed at night and do this!! I think this excuse is about gone for good.I am wondering, however, if it would be valuable for me to take my photo each day to keep a record for myself of what I wore. I'd probably be surprised at some aspects of it - maybe it is more varied than I realize, or maybe I really am in a rut. Maybe my go-to outfit for heat and humidity isn't that flattering, and I can find something to wear in those conditions that will keep me cool AND be more flattering. Maybe there isn't any hope! And maybe next summer I can start a discussion on how to be fashionable while still adapting to hot weather (and since I am trying to keep my air conditioning usage to a minimum, I stay hot a lot of the time). I honestly don't believe I'll be able to take a photo each day, but I want to try getting MORE days in.

Also, I want to be able to direct any possible personal styling clients to my photos, to show them I can put together outfits that are flattering - a bit of a portfolio to start with. And if someone happens to wander around my photos and sees something they want to purchase on Etsy, I will NOT complain!!

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