04 October 2007


On the sewing front: this past weekend I finally made alterations to three shirts I have that are now back in active rotation in my closet! All three were too big around, so I took them in at the side seams, and made them more fitted. I'm really happy with the results, and wore one of them on Monday.

I also realized that what would probably help me greatly is to make a cardboard template to lay on other shirts I want to alter to begin the pinning with. Currently I do not have a dress form, so I have to put stuff on, pin it, take it off, baste it, try it on again, make adjustments, etc, etc, etc! A template would at least let me pin it then try it on and adjust the fit before basting it. I've got the cardboard, so if it is helpful, I'll post a tutorial.

Also on the sewing front, I've been helping with the costumes for the Germantown (TN) Community Theatre production of "The Importance of Being Earnest"! Nothing was built for this production, but there were plenty alterations to be done. Primarily I've shortened jacket sleeves, sewn in buttons for suspenders, and some other alterations. It has been a blast!! They've got several more productions planned for this season, and it seems I'm going to be needed for all of them. That is very exciting because it is great experience to learn and put on my resume - and some of the shows will likely need to have costumes built!

On the Redux Etsy front: I've listed some crocheted scarves in my shop. It may still be rather warm in Memphis, but I know cooler/cold weather is coming - and some places may be getting a hint of it already. Check out Redux Designs and see if something strikes your fancy. Also, if you like a scarf (or anything else!) but would prefer a different color, send an email to me at reduxdesigns@yahoo.com and tell me what you want and how quickly you need it. I'm sure we can work out an agreement!

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