01 November 2007

Plastic Bags

I never thought I would say this - but I could use more plastic bags!

Over the summer I have tried to remember to take my canvas bags with me to the grocery store in order to avoid using any more plastic bags. Since I already had a huge stash at home, I also began crocheting a tote made from plastic bag "yarn". (I hoping to get a tutorial up soon, but you can also search for "plastic bag yarn" and find several on the internet). I wanted to make it strong, to take to the store instead of/in addition to my canvas bags. (Yes, I'm hoping that someone will comment on it and I can both talk about the dangers of plastic bags AND talk about Redux Designs) So I began a bag made from Target bags - you know, white with the red design and lettering. And I'm almost through - and I've run out of bags! I haven't shopped at Target much for financial reasons, but I am facing a dilemma - how do I finish my tote? And, I had planned to make one for my mom as part of her Christmas gift (since I know she will use it) - will I be able to find enough bags?

Here is how my bag looks now - almost finished!

I do have a stash of bags from other stores, but the Target bags are sturdier so I've used them. My other source is my part-time retail job. We often get customers returning items in our plastic bags, so I hope to reuse them for "yarn". These bags are very thick and sturdy, so they will be great for crocheting with, but since I only work one or two days a month, I don't collect them very fast.

My stash of plastic bags:

Yes, I could ask my friends so save theirs for me, but I'm already looked at oddly most of the time - I'm not sure I want to venture further into that territory (maybe I just need some new friends who "get" me).

What a thing to complain about! I've been quite good at remembering my canvas bag, so I'm bringing home much fewer bags from the store and adding less to the waste stream. I guess I need to realize that my future is NOT in making things from plastic bags, but rather reusing things that I can easily gather together.

But first, I have to get enough bags to finish my tote!!

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