31 October 2007

Craft Emergency Relief Fund

I saw this posted on the About.com Jewelry Making page. It is the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, and it is set up to provide crafters with aid in emergencies. If anyone reading this site is a crafter in California - or knows one there - who suffered loss in the recent fires, please take a look at this site and see if you qualify. There are various types of aid, and various requirements, so please read the web site carefully. Of course, this isn't just limited to fire victims in California, so if anyone else dropping by is in need of financial assistance, please take a look.

What I'm looking at is the section on Emergency Preparedness, which helps crafters and artists take steps to avoid some emergency situations. I'm especially looking at their section on health insurance, since that is one of the two reasons I am not quitting the-job-that-pays-the-bills. (You can probably guess what the other is!)

If anyone has ever used CERF before, please post a comment and let me know what it was like.

23 October 2007

In An Old House In Paris........

lived Madeline!! I have another volunteer wardrobing job, this time for Madeline's Christmas! Very different from the Importance of Being Ernest. There are two separate casts - one for daytime shows, and one for night. So------we have up to 24 versions of each dress to make for the girls to wear. Hopefully there will be some overlap, but final casting has not been done, so we don't know. There are three costume changes for the girls, so three times 24 equals - a lot of clothes to be made!!! Throw in a few things for the adults and I am going to be very busy over the next month.

And sadly, the-job-that-pays-the-bills has kept me busy the last two days, so I haven't had a chance to do much more than look at the pattern. I suppose my first task should be give my sewing machine a good cleaning, since it is going to be used a lot the next few weeks.

I think I need to get to work.........

18 October 2007

How to Wear a Long Scarf

Long scarves can be very versatile, providing you with a multiple options for the price of one item. Change up various outfits and expand your wardrobe!

How long should the scarf be? That depends on what you want to do with it! If you put it around your neck, and it is about knee length on both sides, as is the purple scarf available in my Etsy shop, then here are some options:

Double wrap around neck - perfect for keeping your neck warm on cold days. Even though this scarf isn’t especially heavy or warm, by wrapping double, you create an extra layer that will keep you warm on colder days. If the scarf is still long, you can tie or knot the scarf as well.

Drape around neck..........

or throw one end over opposite shoulder - since this isn’t a heavy scarf of very warm material, one of these styles means you can wear it in warmer weather, as an accent to your outfit, without making yourself too hot! Pin in place if desired to keep from falling off, or for more decoration.

Draped around neck it can be knotted low, for decoration, or high, for more warmth.

Folded - another warmer way to wear the scarf is to fold it in half. Place it around neck, with folded end on one side and fringed ends on other. Place fringed ends through the space created at the fold. Adjust to where you want it.

Belt - yes the scarf can also be warm as a belt over your tops or even your coat! Add a bright splash of color on dark grey days! Wear it high, or low, depending on which style suits your figure!

There are some ideas to get you started! Try it with your own scarves and see what you can come up with. If you come up with more of your own, please comment here, or post on your blog and leave the link in the comments. If you need a scarf, the purple one shown here can be purchased from my Etsy shop.

Edit on 21 June 2008: This entry gets more hits than any other, often from searches on how to wear long scarves. If you find this post helpful, or if you have other ideas on wearing long scarves, please leave a comment!

14 October 2007

Wardrobe Remix

I finally joined the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr earlier this year - and so far I've posted a grand total of three pictures! I think this is an awesome group, and I often look through the most recent photos to get overall inspiration to mix things up in how I wear them. I believe I'm trying some things I wouldn't otherwise, so why am I not posting more photos? The photos I've posted have gotten 60-70 views each (more than all my Redux Design photos combined!) What can I change to be more active??

First, I have a hard time getting a good head-to-toe photo of my outfit each day. The three I've gotten took me nearly 30 minutes to get one I liked - although I know that if I worked on it more consistently, I would get quicker.

Second, hooking up my camera to my computer, uploading the photo, editing and posting it was taking more time than I had. However, now that I have a laptop with Wi-Fi connection, it is much easier to do. I can lay in bed at night and do this!! I think this excuse is about gone for good.I am wondering, however, if it would be valuable for me to take my photo each day to keep a record for myself of what I wore. I'd probably be surprised at some aspects of it - maybe it is more varied than I realize, or maybe I really am in a rut. Maybe my go-to outfit for heat and humidity isn't that flattering, and I can find something to wear in those conditions that will keep me cool AND be more flattering. Maybe there isn't any hope! And maybe next summer I can start a discussion on how to be fashionable while still adapting to hot weather (and since I am trying to keep my air conditioning usage to a minimum, I stay hot a lot of the time). I honestly don't believe I'll be able to take a photo each day, but I want to try getting MORE days in.

Also, I want to be able to direct any possible personal styling clients to my photos, to show them I can put together outfits that are flattering - a bit of a portfolio to start with. And if someone happens to wander around my photos and sees something they want to purchase on Etsy, I will NOT complain!!

12 October 2007

A Wild and Crazy Week---

well, more busy than wild and crazy, but the result is I haven't done much of anything on all the projects I have lying around. After spending Sunday afternoon sorting through everything, seeing what's been done, what needs to be done, what materials I have on hand to work with, I haven't gotten much more done. I did get some photographs, and have edited most of them, so I'm almost ready to list some non-jewelry items on Etsy. But I need a few more pictures and the time to get it listed. Hopefully this weekend I can get everything together so I can list them next week.

There is good news - I sold another item on Etsy------and it was to someone in Memphis!! That is really fun to sell locally, plus I delivered it to her and got to meet one of my customers. Really nice! Funny thing is, the item had expired, so I quickly renewed it earlier in the week - just to keep things active. Well, it sold! I guess it does work to keep listing things, even if they aren't selling. The irony is I had always loved this particular item, and kept debating whether to remove it and wear it myself. It has been listed for quite a while, and I was about to decide that I'm the only person who likes my work! Well, someone else does as well, so that's great confidence booster for me. I keep telling myself it is all about finding the right market - so I'll keep working at it!

04 October 2007


On the sewing front: this past weekend I finally made alterations to three shirts I have that are now back in active rotation in my closet! All three were too big around, so I took them in at the side seams, and made them more fitted. I'm really happy with the results, and wore one of them on Monday.

I also realized that what would probably help me greatly is to make a cardboard template to lay on other shirts I want to alter to begin the pinning with. Currently I do not have a dress form, so I have to put stuff on, pin it, take it off, baste it, try it on again, make adjustments, etc, etc, etc! A template would at least let me pin it then try it on and adjust the fit before basting it. I've got the cardboard, so if it is helpful, I'll post a tutorial.

Also on the sewing front, I've been helping with the costumes for the Germantown (TN) Community Theatre production of "The Importance of Being Earnest"! Nothing was built for this production, but there were plenty alterations to be done. Primarily I've shortened jacket sleeves, sewn in buttons for suspenders, and some other alterations. It has been a blast!! They've got several more productions planned for this season, and it seems I'm going to be needed for all of them. That is very exciting because it is great experience to learn and put on my resume - and some of the shows will likely need to have costumes built!

On the Redux Etsy front: I've listed some crocheted scarves in my shop. It may still be rather warm in Memphis, but I know cooler/cold weather is coming - and some places may be getting a hint of it already. Check out Redux Designs and see if something strikes your fancy. Also, if you like a scarf (or anything else!) but would prefer a different color, send an email to me at reduxdesigns@yahoo.com and tell me what you want and how quickly you need it. I'm sure we can work out an agreement!