29 August 2007

Today's Tip - Sewing Pattern Storage

The more I create and make things, the more I find a way of doing something that makes it easier. So, to hopefully make life easier for everyone else, here is a tip for today.

Storing sewing pattern:

For years I've tried to find the best way to store my sewing patterns, especially after they've been used - have you ever tried to put one back into its envelope??

My latest solution, which I love, is to put the pattern pieces and instructions into a plastic bag with a zipper top. Yes, it is plastic which has a host of environmental issues attached to it, but it is easy to see through and there is even the handy section on the bag for labeling. Here I write the pattern company name and the pattern number. I store these in boxes in numeric order.

So how do I find a particular type of pattern? I store the pattern envelopes in clear sleeves that I keep in a binder. Yes, more plastic, but it protects the paper and will let me flip through the notebook to find what I need. A quick look at the back can give me more information about the pattern to let me know if it might work.

One day, when I get some spare time (Yeah, right!), I want to photograph all the pattern envelopes and store them on a USB drive, so I can have visual access to all the patterns I have without having to carry them around with me.

Hope this helps someone else get a bit more organized!