24 June 2007


My son is with his dad for a couple of weeks, and I've taken a few days off from my job. As much as I would have loved to have gone away somewhere, I decided to stay in Memphis and work on various projects for Redux Designs. I've gotten quite a bit done - and have a lot more to do - but the main accomplishment for today is organizing my buttons and beads. Since I frequently use buttons when making my jewelry, I've sorted them by color and size. Even if I need them for a sewing project, they should be easier to find than dumping a container out and sorting through them. Turned out to be the perfect activity while watching TV.

I paid a visit to the Bargain Barn last week. I went to find a sweater or sweaters to make into purses. However, it turned out to be a good day for finding clothes for me! Another project today was to remove the jeweled buttons from a jacket I bought, and replace them with black ones I already had. The jeweled buttons just seemed to be too much for the jacket - but don't worry, they will be put to good use in some jewelry!!

Here is a picture of the jacket before:

Here is a detail of the original buttons:

Here's how it looks with the new buttons:

I think it is much better!! The only issue I encountered was that the jacket had three buttons (and therefore, 3 buttonholes) and I only had two buttons that would fit. After trying it on, I decided that 1) I probably wouldn't even button it that often, and the top button would be hidden under the lapel, 2) if I did button it, I didn't want it buttoned up as high as the top button anyway, and 3) since the buttonhole is more or less hidden in the tweed, I put on the two buttons!! If I decide that it needs a third button, I'll buy three matching buttons (or better, re-use 3 buttons from something else!).

Tasks for tomorrow - clean the apartment, work more on costume for Oliver! and get things ready for Etsy!!

So---how was your weekend???

04 June 2007

Etsy Update

I had one main goal for Memorial Day weekend - get things made and photographed for Etsy listings. And I am happy to say that I achieved that goal. I have several things made, photographed, and descriptions are written. I am trying to list something new every day or two, and I have a couple of things up for relisting this week, so that should help as well.

No sales from all this productivity-----yet!! Only time will tell.

To take a look, visit Redux Designs.

And an update on the shoes from the previous post:

I wore the remade black sandals/slides a couple of times this weekend - and they worked well!! It is nice to have them wearable and back in circulation in my wardrobe!!