23 May 2007

Redux - Shoes

My feet are hard to fit. I've worn a wide width since my son was born (and a few even before then), so finding my size in a wide width that I can afford can be a challenge. I've noticed, however, a problem with a couple of pair of shoes I have. They have a back strap that attaches to the side of the shoe. Not to the front part, like a slingback, but to the sole. And this back strap keeps sliding off my heel. It seems that since I've lost weight, my heel isn't as wide as the standard for a wide width.

I like these shoes and want to wear them - heck, I've paid for them so I want to get to use them. Then I realized - why not remove the back strap and wear them as slides?!? Since the strap was falling off anyway, they tended to be "slides" by defaults.

A couple of days ago I got out a pair of utility scissors, and a minute later, I had re-made the shoes to make them more wearable!

So - how do they look???

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