28 March 2007


Filming has begun!! Last Friday and Sunday a few of the scenes were filmed. I sort of knew this anyway, but there is a lot of hurry up and wait on a film set! No problem - at least I'm getting to do something with it.

Most of what I did was run around and help with whatever needed to be done - which I'm fine with. I did get to add some dark dirt stains to the "prom guy" outfit at the last minute - hello potting soil and water! The director was happy with his look, so I'm glad I could add something of value. I didn't have to do much in the way of wardrobe on Sunday, but I was there and willing to help - and it is fun to watch the process. I did realize that I need to take something to the set to work on while I'm sitting around - something that is easy to drop and pick up again. So, I think I'm going to take some crochet with me this weekend. The shoot is going to be MUCH longer, with more people involved, but if there is time to sit around, I can get something made - and hopefully someone will ask about buying it! (Yes, there is an ulterior motive besides just having something to do).

For this weekend, I am more or less in charge of getting the zombie horde in costume and ready! I'm excited to have the responsibility given to me, and hope everything works our. Since I have to make sure they are all dressed and ready to go, I may not have much time for crocheting - which is fine with me! The crocheting is simply to fill time if there is nothing else to do - otherwise, keep me busy!

I'm off again to thrift stores to find the last few pieces we need. I've added a few pieces of my jewelry for finishing touches, and I need to think and see if there is anything else I might be able to take to add to the overall look of the zombies.

Stills were taken last weekend, and will be again, so if any are posted, I'll put up a link here.

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