17 March 2007

Lack of posts

I have a good explanation for the lack of posts over the last few weeks - although it really isn't an excuse. Anyway, I've been helping with the wardrobe for a short film being filmed the last two weekends in March! Yes, a real job helping with a film wardrobe even if it is volunteer! Hello, resume!

I've spent the last three weeks trying to find various pieces needed for the wardrobe. Not much luck until I finally was able to find some things this week. Then I spent about seven hours today distressing/ripping/zombifying the clothes for the short film. Really, it has been a lot of fun, a great learning experience, and something to add to my resume. Filming is the next two weekends, so we'll see what happens.

For the next week, my main objective is to find a few missing pieces fore the scenes to be filmed next weekend. The following weekend, however, is when the filming of the zombies takes place, and the costumes for all the extras has to be ready. Should be long, tiring, and hopefully a lot of fun!

Once it is edited and posted somewhere, I'll update with a link.

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