06 February 2007


I have become such a joiner! Seriously, I normally keep to myself, but after realizing how much I got done - and how much I enjoy a challenge - participating in the Etsy Upcycle and the Ugly Betty contests, I've decided to add a couple of other challenges to my "to do" list.

First up is Warm Up America. I discovered this through Vicki Howell's blog (and if you don't read her blog, you should!) I wish I had found it earlier, and organized some knitting friends to participate, but better late than never. I love this project because the squares are relatively quick to knit (quicker gratification), I can use up yarn I've had lying around, I get to try some different patterns without committing to a large project, and I get to give something back (since I have more time than money). Check out the website for details about size, yarn, and where to send completed squares.

I am also tying in my Warm Up America work with Project Spectrum 2.0. For each two month period, you are to use three colors (one, two, or all 3!) to see what you can create. And it can be knitting, sewing, photography, even baking! To begin with, I'm knitting my squares in blue and white (OK, it's actually cream, but close enough!).

I am also creating earrings out of buttons from my stash, using only blue and white. I played around with a couple of designs last night, and I may add some silver (close enough to gray!) beads to enhance it - and I can no doubt use other colors I have for more pair later. Once I get the design completed, I'll post pictures. What's interesting is I pulled out my blue buttons over the weekend and looked at what I had. I realized I had more of the small 4 hole buttons than anything else. I just sort of kept that in mind, and yesterday, inspiration struck.

I have three sewing projects I need to finish, and they all fit the color theme! Finally, motivation to get this done! First is a denim skirt I'm shortening and fitting better. This one shouldn't take long, and if I can finish it quickly, it will look great with my brown boots. This is first on my list.

I also have a navy silk top I'm remaking. I bought the top about 14-15 years ago, but it is now too big, and the style isn't flattering. I've removed the sleeves and will probably make it a sleeveless top to wear this summer. The original back had a three button closure, so I may use that piece for the front. I'm still trying to work out the neckline - probably sweetheart or V. I have read up on how to work with this type of silk (georgette), so once I finalize the look, I'll be ready to go.

And last, is the jacket I thrifted last fall. The background is silvery/grey with blue flowers. I've already removed the shoulder pads and it looks better. I'm trying to decide whether to remake it, or wear it alone as a top. I haven't really focused on this one yet, but need to look through some inspiration clippings and get some ideas.

Next, I'm thinking of trying to start a knitting group. I know 3-4 people who knit/crochet, and I think it would be fun to get together once a month to sit, knit, and talk. I need to contact a few people and see what we can come up with.

Finally, I may have a chance to work on the wardrobe for a short film being shot here. Of course, no pay, but the experience would be priceless. I even had Jonathan sign up to be an extra, so hopefully this is something we can do together. I'll post more once I know more.

Now, I need to knit a few rows tonight-------------------

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