31 January 2007

Silver Chains with Black Button Earrings

OK, so I've joined the Flickr revolution - and this is the first photo I've uploaded. So I'm trying out the feature of blogging directly from Flickr to see if it works.

These earrings are going up at Etsy tonight. I've already put up a similar pair - gold with brown buttons. I created this design while trying to come up with something to enter in the Etsy Upcycle contest (BTW, the winner should be announced tomorrow, so look for that!). While playing around with my jewelry stuff, I created this design - and loved it so much that the first pair are mine! These are a second pair; there was only enough of the gold chain to make the one pair with the brown buttons. However, if I come across any more broken chain at a garage sale, I'll make more with different colors of buttons.

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DareDevil8 said...

medieval looking............artistic