25 January 2007


I got a call last week from Opera Memphis. Since I helped them one day last fall get costumes ready for Porgy and Bess, I've looked forward to working with them again. This time they needed someone to help as a dresser - something I haven't done and would love to gain experience in. And since Jonathan is at his dad's this weekend, I would be available!

Except, they needed someone Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings, and Sunday afternoon. I initially told her I could work Saturday and perhaps even Sunday, but the weeknights were out. As a single mom needing to make sure homework gets done, dinner gets cooked and eaten, and the kid is in bed at a reasonable hour, I couldn't make that commitment. What they need is someone who can work all the rehearsals and shows so things run smoothly. I understand that - it makes perfect sense, yet I'm beginning to wonder if there is anything I can do as a volunteer that will meet their needs AND fit my schedule.

The woman I spoke with was going to email me the schedule and I was to let her know when I could work. I thought long and hard about it, and considered taking Jonathan (and his video games or DVD's) with me so I could help out more. However, she never emailed me, so I'm going to have to let this one go.

The one bright spot in this is that I am going to work at Talbots. I had not initially been put on the schedule, but someone needed Saturday night off, so I am able to take it. The money will certainly be helpful, and I'm going to take any free time I have to put together some outfits for different occasions/ages from items in the store. If someone asks "what goes with this", then I'll have some answers.

I also need to call some other performing organizations to see if they need costuming volunteers. I don't want to overextend myself, but since my availability limits what I can do, perhaps there is some other group out there that could use me. I feel terribly bad when I have to say "no", but I am a volunteer, and I always try to offer alternatives that will fit my schedule. I truly do want to help, to gain experience and build up my resume - I just need to find the right organization for that.

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