02 October 2006

Etsy update

I've added a pair of earrings to my Etsy shop, and it has gotten a few looks today. I wanted/should have listed them over the weekend, but never made the time. At least they are there now. Wednesday or Thursday, I need to add another item.

I also took some more photos today in preparation for more listing.

I still have not heard from the Opera Memphis person, and they have a production next week. I think I'm going to contact the person who emailed me last, and see if she knows anymore. If they can't use me, that is fine - I need to know so I can try taking on other volunteering jobs.

I'm also going to email POTS regarding the stitcher position - to see if it is still open, what it actually requires in terms of skills and time, and what the pay is. I really want to quit my job, but I've got to get income lined up before I can even begin to consider it. I will also need enough flexibility to be able to get Jonathan to and from school (one of the issues with job now), work other jobs, and work on Redux Designs. It won't hurt to ask, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

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