06 October 2006

Moving Forward

Another Etsy update - I listed a pair of earrings earlier today. These were made withh a pair of buttons from my grandmother's button stash that I inherited when she died. I actually made a pair a few weeks ago for myself, then decided to use the other two for a pair to sell. No, they haven't sold yet, but they have had 8 views today. Maybe Friday is a good to to post, maybe something in one of my keywords keeps it coming up, maybe-----oh who knows?? At least they are being viewed.

If I could just sell something.

I've got several others things ready to list; maybe I need to put up some of my crochet scarves since it is getting cooler. I need to check on prices for similar items and see what happens. I also started another knitted wash cloth last night. If it turns our well, I may list it; if not, I can use it as a gift.

Now, on moving forward. Yesterday I spent 5 1/2 hours volunteering in the costume shop of Opera Memphis. I absolutely, positively LOVED it!! I was mainly hemming skirts and dresses for next week's production of "Porgy and Bess", but I felt like I was learning tips and tricks by the minute. Just being in that atmosphere was exhilerating! Time went by fast - too fast!! The costume designer for this production was from Austin, TX. Turns out she had sold her collection of costumes to the Opera, then they brought her in for the show. We had a wonderful chat about our kids and Project Runway while working. Then another woman came in about noon; I think she is hired for jobs by the Opera. Anyway, she kept complementing me on being willing and able to sew for the Opera, and as I was leaving, she told me that she also jobs for the Orpheum-----and next August/September, the Lion King is coming and they need sewers AND dressers for the run. She said they pay, and rather well. Oh man, am I ever interested in doing something like that. She said that as long as she has been doing this work (she's in her early 60's), she ALWAYS learns something new. So, I've got nearly a year to really hone my skills to I can work with that. It also gives me a goal for when (at the latest) to quit my job. I really want to quit sooner, but if I could work something out with the Lion King to step into - then it would just be a matter of lining up work for the rest of my life! Of course, there is a big problem and that is being able to take care of Jonathan. I wouldn't see much of him during that time - working 6-7 days a week, much of it at night. I could hire a sitter to pick him up and get his homework done, etc. but I'd miss seeing him for much of that time. Anyway, it give me a lot to think about.

At the very least, I've got something to put on my resume - and a contact name in Austin, Texas.

I also heard back from POTS - the stitcher position is filled, but they are looking for a job out stitcher. I don't know if it would fit my schedule, but I need to reply that I would be interested.

My last hope for making a change involved being able to work as Talbots shipper. In talking with K. today, I don't think my hours would work with theirs. She wants someone there on Mondays and Thursdays from 1-5 to start working on it as soon as it arrives. Makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, I have to pick Jonathan up at 3:00, so it wouldn't work out. When I had talked to her this summer, I was thinking that he would be picked up by the daycare, and I just needed to be there by 6:00 when they closed. Of course, I could do shipment on other days and pick up hours on the floor, but when they need people is at night - and that is hard for me. Anyway, I do have some information to think about and see if I can make if work.

What I need to really focus on is what can I do now, where I am today, to get me closer to my goals. I may not be able to job out for POTS or volunteer more at the Opera, so what can I do?? Well, I can continue making and listing things on Etsy. I can continue remaking garmets for myself (or to sell) to develop my sewing skills. I can continue to look for opportunities to get my name and talents out there.

Speaking of which, I need to finish T.'s bracelet and get it to her - and tell her to give out my name if anyone else needs something similar done.

02 October 2006

Etsy update

I've added a pair of earrings to my Etsy shop, and it has gotten a few looks today. I wanted/should have listed them over the weekend, but never made the time. At least they are there now. Wednesday or Thursday, I need to add another item.

I also took some more photos today in preparation for more listing.

I still have not heard from the Opera Memphis person, and they have a production next week. I think I'm going to contact the person who emailed me last, and see if she knows anymore. If they can't use me, that is fine - I need to know so I can try taking on other volunteering jobs.

I'm also going to email POTS regarding the stitcher position - to see if it is still open, what it actually requires in terms of skills and time, and what the pay is. I really want to quit my job, but I've got to get income lined up before I can even begin to consider it. I will also need enough flexibility to be able to get Jonathan to and from school (one of the issues with job now), work other jobs, and work on Redux Designs. It won't hurt to ask, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.