29 September 2006

Someone is looking...

I've checked Etsy, and people have actually looked at my bracelet!! YEA!!! Now---to get someone to buy it.

Tomorrow I'm going to list the chandelier earrings, and maybe something else. This weekend I've got to take photos of everything ready to list, so every day or two, I can easily post them.

Otherwise, I'm going into midtown tomorrow to visit the zoo (for my son) and the Brooks Museum (for me). We are also going to find someplace there for lunch, then I'm going to hit a bead store or two and find the clasp I need to fix a bracelet for a friend. I'm only going to charge her for the parts, but encourage her to refer people to me for repairs. Which reminds me - I need to update my business cards and print them off so they are ready to hand out.

I've about taken the denim skirt apart (got most of it completed during Project Runway on Wednesday), so hopefullly I can begin putting it back together this weekend. Not only was it too large, but it was much too long - almost to my ankles. I found a picture in Lucky magazine of a knee lenth denim skirt, and decided to shorten this one and fit it properly to have the same look this fall.

Tuesday evening I sat outside and replaced some of the clasps on bracelets. While out there, I began looking through my bead stash. Came across a chain that I had removed from a 1980's pin a couple of years ago. I was never sure what to do with it, but it seemed like a good thing to keep (of course, I think that about everything!). It was alternating gold links and "pearls". When I looked at it then, I suddenly went "dangle earrings"! So, I divided the chain into 4 equal lengths, added jump rings in the middle, and attached them to french hooks. Voila - earrings. I haven't decided if I'm going to sell them or wear them. I don't wear a lot of gold tone jewelry, so I may list them on Etsy and see if they sell. If not - or if I need them - I'll remove them and use them myself. Ah, the joys of being the boss!!

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