30 July 2006

What is Redux?

redux - to remake

That in a nutshell is what Redux Design is about - remaking/redoing/reusing things. Especially clothes, jewelry and other accessories, although items for the home will also appear. Many items are one of a kind, simply because we had one item to start with, and even if it is remade into something different, there may not be enough to make more than one. But that is also what makes an item from Redux Design different - it is unique! You won't find anyone else wearing it. And while we will offer suggestions on how to wear items, we encourage you to let your own style shine through - and let us know the results!!

The blog is a way to keep everyone updated on what is new, where we'll be, and where to find us if we can't be there in person. If you know of a shop or show where you think Redux Designs would fit in and do well, please contact us!

Until the next time-----

Redux Designs